The Call That Started It All
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  • Do you have instructions or video of how to re-tune or adjust my call?
    Of course. View our Youtube page for instructions.
  • I just need my call adjusted or tuned, how much does it cost?
    Nothing. All our calls have a lifetime Warranty, and that includes tuning. Just send it in!
  • What if for some reason I need to return my call for a refund?
    Please give us a call and we will process it that day.
  • Do you offer calls in multiple wood types?
    Not at this time. Our calls have always been made using the best wood for call making; Black Walnut.
  • If my Duck call gets wet while hunting do I have to dry it off?
    No. Our duck Calls will blow regardless of the moisture level in the call.
  • What makes your Double Reed Calls better than the rest?
    We were the first and best double reed duck call. Our patented duck calls use a proprietary system that gives the most realistic duck sounds and never stick or squeal.
  • Can I get my calls Autographed?
    Of course.
  • Can I get my Calls custom tuned?
    Yes, just give us a call and let us know your style.
  • Are your Duck Calls double reeds?
    Yes. All of our Duck Calls are true double reeds.


  • Can I track my order?
    Yes. A tracking number will be sent to your email address.
  • How soon after I place my order will it ship?
    All of our orders placed before 12pm central time M-Th will be shipped within 1-2 business days, except holidays and weekends.


  • How do I use my Warranty?
    Just send your call in with a short letter.
  • Do your calls have a Warranty?
    Yes. All of our calls have a Lifetime Warranty.