Honker Goose Call

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Canada Honker Goose Call

 The Sure-Shot 960 Honker takes the hassle out of traditional Canada goose calling. Designed to produce the deeper resonant sound "Ur-lonk" that attracts the Canada Honker, using our unique long reed system is easy to master and reproduce on command. Affordable price for a good starter call of a great addition to an avid Fowler's lanyard. Styled in our custom poly body to give you long life while hunting outdoors.

From the inventors of the YENTZEN Classic double reed duck call....



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Rick Oct 1st 2021


Very basic call, simple to use, limited amount of sounds that can be obtained with this call but the ones that you do get are very good..

James Wiedenhoeft Oct 7th 2020

Honker goose call

I have been looking for a goose call with a lower tone and one that can imitate the two toned call of an older goose coming into land. I had an old call that finally gave out after 20 years of use. Many of the calls I tried at various stores were two high pitched even though the calls were supposedly for Canada geese. This call was perfect. The minute I pulled it out of the package and blew it the first time, I knew it was a winner.

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