The Rascal 7-in-1 Call

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Rascal 7-in-1 Call

Some hunters like to keep things simple and clean. The Sure-Shot Rascal is gonna clean out that crowded lanyard, (comes with it's own Lanyard!). Designed to produce seven different sounds consisting of all whistling ducks, Bobwhite Quail, and even a Hawk (Turkey Locator)

Easy adjustable tuning cap allows you to duplicate the true sounds of:
• Mallard Drakes
• Blue-Greenwinged Teal
• Wigeon
• Pintail
• Wood Duck (chuckle & flight)
• Quail (Bobwhite)
• Hawk (Turkey Locator)

Brought to you by the Inventors of the Double Reed Duck Call, Triple Reed Duck Call, and the YENTZEN Classic...



Reviews (2)

Phil ware Dec 28th 2020

Rascal 7-1

Very easy to use and sounds great,now just waiting to put to use

Scott Newton Dec 24th 2019

One of my favorie calls

I bought a second one to keep in my pocket with my keys for everyday use, so I can stop and talk to birds on the side of the road when I see them.

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