1950 - 2010 BC

(before Charlie Holder)

George Yentzen, and his young assistant James ‘Cowboy’ Fernandez, invented and patented the first double reed duck call. Yentzen invented a duck call entirely different than any built anywhere in the U.S. It used double reeds; every other call made had a single reed per call. Yentzen received his patent in 1950.

In 1959, James "Cowboy" Fernandez wins the World Duck Calling Champion and the Champion of Champions in the same year in Stuttgart, AR. The first ever to win with a double reed call.

Yentzen’s protégée, James Fernandez was just out of the service, and with a young family, worked a full-time job and taking night classes. After George Yentzen passed away in 1957, his wife called Cowboy to come see her. That visit, in 1959, formed the nucleus of the explosion in Yentzen duck calls and its successor company Sure-Shot Game Calls. In the first year, after Cowboy took over the Yentzen business he made 55 calls and sold all 55 of them. The next year he made 555.

In 1970, Sure-Shot Game Calls developed their first line of Goose Calls.

Current Goose Calls:
Honker Goose call, Snow Goose call and Speckly Belly Goose call

In 1979, Sure-Shot Game Calls introduced the Deer Grunt, Turkey Calls and Predator calls.

Current Turkey Calls:
Box Turkey call, Push Button Turkey call and the single, double or triple diaphragm.

Current Deer Calls:
Fawn Bleat call, Grunt Deer call and Rattling Bag

Current Predator Calls:
Sure-Shot Predator call and Feral Frenzy Wild Hog call

In 1993, Sure-Shot Game Calls received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Ducks Unlimited for donating over $500k to help the Green Wings Program begin and remain sustainable.

Junior Greenwings are younger Ducks Unlimited members. By joining DU, they participate in the conservation, restoration and management of wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.

In 2003, Sure-Shot Game Calls was given the NSSF Award for their 20 year Exhibitor of the Shot Show.

Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 12,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen's organizations and publishers.

2011 - PRESENT

In September 2011, Charlie Holder bought Sure-Shot Game Calls from James "Cowboy" Fernandez and immediately cranked up manufacturing and marketing, bound and determined to make Yentzen and Sure-Shot household names again. Cowboy’s grandson, Curtis Arnold, has worked at the company since he was 12 and leads Sure-Shot’s production today.

In 2012, the Original Sure-Shot Game Calls Yentzen Classic Duck Call created by George Yentzen and Jim “Cowboy” Fernandez makes a come back. The reintroduced classic is designed to exact specs from an original 1950's call and tuned using our proprietary methods. “The First and Last Call You Will Ever Use”.

In November 2012, Sure-Shot Game Calls established social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.

Today Sure-Shot Game Calls social media has expanded to also include Instagram with over 86,000 followers combined.

In November 2012, Sure-Shot Game Calls inaugural media hunt was hosted at the Yentzen family's duck camp in Grand Chenier, LA.

Louisiana Sportsman magazines and newspapers were among the four media attendees.

In December 2012, Sure-Shot Game Calls developed a new line of packing and POP displays. Also, the first to use QR coding for video product samples.

In January, 2013 Sure-Shot Game calls launched a newly designed website and product catalog.

In March 2013, Sure-Shot Game Calls Box Turkey Call was featured as a gear review with The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Turkey Country Magazine.

Shop Turkey Calls

In September 2013, Sure-Shot Game Calls second annual writers conference was hosted in Texas and Louisiana with twelve media attendees.

Corporate sponsors were Nissan, Mossy Oak, Weatherby and HeviShot.

In March 2013, Wade Borne with the Cabela's Outfitters Journal, featured an article on the Sure-Shot Game Calls Deer Grunt call. Read full article.

Shop Deer Calls

In November 2013, Sure-Shot Game Calls had a centerfold feature article in Waterfowl and Retriever (read full article)  and also a featured article in Indiana Outdoor News (read full article).

December 2013: "TEXAS 2 STEP" Teal and Gator hunt in Southeast Texas with The Drake Plantation guide service! This was an auctioned charity hunt donated by The Drake Plantation, Jon and Gina Brunson, Hosts of Addicted to the Outdoors TV, and Sure-Shot Game Calls to benefit the American Cancer Society. This hunt was shot on location in Winnie, TX near the Sure-Shot Game Calls HQ.

In January 2014, the Yentzen Classic graced the cover of National Rifle Association (NRA) American Hunter Magazine.

The all new Yentzen ONE had a sneak preview at Media Day during the 2014 Shot Show in Vegas, NV.

Check out the newest Yentzen ONE2 now available.

In March 2014, Sure-Shot Game Calls Yentzen ONE was reviewed in the Delta Waterfowl Magazine. (read review)

The Yentzen ONE is the standard by which all other calls will be measured. The ONE features patented SCREW-LOCK Design, inset customizable band and Proprietary CNC body - Loudest and strongest material on the market. Get your YENTZEN ONE now!

In May 2014, Ducks Unlimited reveals the Yentzen ONE. (see reveal)

In June 2014, Sure-Shot Game Calls Arkansas hunt aired on the Outdoor Channel with Jon and Gina Brunson from Addicted to the Outdoors TV show.

The Full Episode that was a top 5 finalist of the Outdoor Channel's Golden Moose Awards for the top Waterfowl Hunting Show of the Year with Outdoor Hall of Fame Member, James "Cowboy" Fernandez!

In July 2014, American Bird Hunter TV crew came to Texas and Louisiana. They joined the Sure-Shot Game Calls team for an early season Teal and Alligator hunt in Winnie Texas with The Drake Plantation. And then to Pecan Island, LA to the Old Pecan Island School that was turned into a private duck hunting lodge following Hurricane Rita in 2005. See Full Episode.

On August 16, 2014, Jim “Cowboy” Fernandez was inducted into “Gary Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors” Hall of Fame. The event was held at the General Jackson Showboat/Music City Queen paddleboat in Nashville, TN.

Fernandez is best known for revolutionizing the duck call industry when Sure-Shot introduced the very first double-reed system in 1959 – the Original Yentzen. It quickly earned world-wide recognition not only for the quality of its control, but also for being the best at mimicking the true sounds of waterfowl. (Read full article)

In September 2014, Charlie Holder, President and CEO of Sure-Shot Game Calls appeared in the article "For the Love of Teals" for Wildfowl Magazine. Read full article.

In September 2014, Sure-Shot Game Calls hosted their third annual Media Hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada at the Northway Lodge with fifteen media attendees and entertainment by Darryl Worley. This was the very first time that Northway Outfitters allowed waterfowl hunting on their tribal land. This was a huge honor for us and one that we were thrilled to be able to share. Our three presenting sponsors were: Nissan USA, YETI Coolers, and Beretta USA. Our product sponsors were HeviShot and Mossy Oak. G&H Decoys in part, assisted in providing the decoys.

In October 2014, Sure-Shot Game Calls Media Hunt in Saskatchewan was the focus for a featured article in the Western Outdoor News.

The Media Hunt was the third annual edition of the event that was headed-up by Sure-Shot Game Calls President and CEO, Charlie Holder.

Article by: Steve Comus.
Imagine being hunkered down in a field amid hundres of decoys as the sun rises, and being greeted by seemingly endless flights of ducks and geese, many of which make one or a couple of passes before lowering their wing flaps as "welcome" calls from hunters on the ground invite them to join. Read full article.

In November 2014, Sure-Shot Game Calls Yentzen ONE was reviewed in the Mississippi - Louisiana Game and Fish Magazine. Read review

In December 2014, Sure-Shot Game Calls Media Hunt in Saskatchewan was the focus for a four page featured article in the Safari Club International Magazine.

The Media Hunt was the third annual edition of the event that was headed-up by Sure-Shot Game Calls President and CEO, Charlie Holder.

Article by: Steve Comus
As the autumn sun began to light up the horizon, we were sitting in shallow field dugouts amid a spread of more than a hundred decoys that mimicked ducks, dark and light geese. From afar came the din of flying geese, talking among themselves as they traversed the cloudless sky. Read full article.

In December 2014, Sure-Shot Game Calls Yentzen ONE was reviewed in the Shooting Sportman Magazine. Read review

Yentzen ONE Receives Three Top Recognitions!

In January 2015, Yentzen ONE was named in the top ten new products at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Outdoor Hub named the Yentzen ONE the Best Duck Call of the SHOT Show.

Lynn Burkhead with the Outdoor Channel said "the Yentzen ONE screw-lock design is the first new innovation on a duck call in 25 years!"

In January 2015, Sure-Shot Game Calls was featured in a article in the Louisiana Sportsman Magazine. 

"Calling All Ducks" By Jerald Horst
Have you put the time into truly learning to call ducks into shotgun range? These hunters - who have real duck-hunting chops – tell how to get the most out of your time in the blind.
The cracking light over the Grand Cheniere marsh skies foretold of a good hunt. We could see ducks trading back and forth in the dim light well before legal shooting time. Lola, the yellow labrador retriever whined in anticipation of what was to come. I felt like whining myself. I was in the presence of history. Sharing the blind with me were Charlie Holder, owner of Sure-Shot Game Calls that produces the legendary Yentzen duck call, and Doug Yentzen, great grandson of George Yentzen who invented the call. Read full article.

In April 2015, the Sure-Shot Predator Call was featured in the Predator Nation Magazine as a gear review. Read review.

In May 2015, Sure-Shot Game Calls was featured as the spotlight article and Band Tales in the Wildfowl Magazine. 

"Sure-Shot Saddles Up" By Joe Genzel
A Cowboy took the Yentzen to the peak of waterfowling. Now the legendary Texas call company is trying to do it all over again. Read full article.

"Two for Two" By Bob Humphrey
Speck-tacular double for Sure-Shot owner, Charlie Holder. Read full article.




In Spring 2015, Sure-Shot Game Calls was the feature article in the Delta Waterfowl Magazine.

Saskatchewan Shootout
Finding the X: Ducks and geese really do eat their peas
By: Paul Wait

Setting up a seven-man field hunt takes teamwork. As I discovered later that morning, it also requires a little faith. Read full article.

In Spring 2015, Sure-Shot Game Calls was featured as the spotlight article in the Wildfowl Equipment Issue.

"Snow-Driven Saskatchewan"
By Joe Genzel
Puddlers and dark geese cooperate like you'd expect in Canada, but the fickle white birds can be as tough as back home. Read full article.





In Summer 2015, Sure-Shot Game Calls Yentzen ONE was reviewed in the Delta Waterfowl Annual. The Yentzen ONE was one of only ten calls that were reviewed. Read Review.

In September 2015, Sure-Shot Game Calls Yentzen ONE was spotlighted in Wildfowl Magazine. Read Review.





In September 2015 - Ducks Unlimited Magazine feature article.

Simply Saskatchewan
By Phil Bourjaily

A bad day of hunting on the Canadian prairies is better than most good days anywhere else. And so even though the forecast called for sunny skies, highs in the 70s, and no wind, I optimistically stuffed my blind bag with shells that first morning in Saskatchewan last September. Read Full Article.


In December 2015, Sure-Shot Game Calls was featured on the Texas Country Reporter TV Show.

"Found His Calling" Charlie Holder and James Fernandez – aired nationally on RFD-TV and on networks all over Texas! Arguably, Cowboy's best interview! This segment truly embodies the culture of the 60+ year history and legacy of the Sure-Shot Game Calls brand. This heritage lives on today! Watch Episode.

In January 2016, Sure-Shot Game Calls hosted it's fourth annual Waterfowl Media Conference in Mississippi at the famous Mallard Manor Lodge in Drew, MS. This is one of the largest lodges and private waterfowl media events in Mississippi history!  

Darryl Worley, singer/songwriter joined us again to hunt and entertain. Presenting sponsors were Nissan and Polaris. Gold Sponsors were Sitka Gear and the Mississippi Tourism Bureau. Product sponsors were HeviShot, YETI, and White Wing Label. Over 20 of the top media professionals in the outdoor industry attended this year over the span of the six day event.

In January 2017, Sure-Shot Game Calls hosted it's fifth annual Waterfowl Media Hunt in North Texas at the famous Bucks and Ducks Lodge in Bellevue, TX. The hunt consisted of some extraordinary properties in both North Texas and South Oklahoma.

Daryle Singletary, singer/songwriter joined us to hunt and entertain. Our three Presenting Sponsors were Nissan, Polaris, and Remington. Our Product Sponsors were MOJO, Vortex optics and Buck Knives.   Watch Episode.

2018 - Eric Pickhartz, Managing Editor of Wide Open Spaces talks with Charlie Holder about the Yenzten ONE2 Duck Caller at the Honey Brake Lodge in Jonesville, LA. Watch Review


2018 - Sure-Shot Game Calls is sad to share the news that co-founder, inventor and world champion caller James “Cowboy” Fernandez passed away on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont. at age 86. See stories below:

Fox 4 News
Press Release
Ammoland Shooting Sports News
Call Collector
Grandview Outdoors
Louisiana Sportsman
NRA American Hunter
Professional Outdoor Media Assoc.
Wildfowl Article


In September 2018, Sure-Shot Game Calls will host it's sixth annual Waterfowl Media Hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada. We would like to thank our 2018 sponsors of this event. Our presenting sponsors this year are: Remington and Polaris. Our supporting gold sponsors are Northway Outfitters, Tourism of Saskatchewan, Vortex Optics, and MEC Clay Throwers. And product sponsor Irish Setter boots. Watch video.


In September 2019, Sure-Shot Game Calls hosted it's seventh annual Waterfowl Media Hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Presenting Sponsors were Remington and Polaris. Our supporting Gold Sponsors were Northway Outfitters, Tourism of Saskatchewan and Vortex Optics.   Episode Coming Soon

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