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American Made in Texas


Sure-Shot Game Calls was established in 1959 after founders George Yentzen and James “Cowboy” Fernandez designed and patented the first double reed duck call. The original Yentzen caller was cut out of black walnut on a back porch in Nederland, TX, and became the first double reed duck call to win a World Championship.

Today, Sure-Shot Game Calls, still made in Texas, maintains a commitment to innovation and attention to detail, providing hunters with exceptional tools for the field, and fostering a love for the outdoors. Sure-Shot has played an integral role in waterfowl hunting for generations, and is still helping create memories.

Our calls tell a story. Your story. We hope you pass it on.

1959 World Championship Trophy

New Owner, Jay Bruce

Founder, Jim "Cowboy" Fernandez

George Yentzen

1959-Sure-Shot Game Calls was founded

1950- Patented the double reed duck call

Since 1959

Since 1959

American made in texas